Soho House & Co

The Soho House Way of Living

To make Soho House a safe and welcoming place, we ask all our members, their guests, and our teams to follow our standards of behaviour. They are:

Kindness and respect

Since our first House opened in 1995, we have created a place for inclusivity. Soho House celebrates diversity, we do not judge on gender, race, sexuality, or physicality, and we expect our members and guests to do the same.

Positive interaction

In our Houses around the world, respect is fundamental. Our global network of members often share stories of kindness and connection they experience at our Houses. We have a collective responsibility to ensure racist, sexist, homophobic, or any form of abusive language is not tolerated.

Decent behaviour

A shared understanding of behaviour is essential to creating a safe and welcoming time at the House. Having fun is always encouraged; being over-familiar or inappropriate is not. If you are found abusing alcohol or drugs in our Houses, action will be taken.

Share with us

We’re inspired by the diversity of our members; it helps us build a better Soho House. If you have a negative experience, we ask that you let us know immediately, so we can take appropriate action. Speak to your membership team or contact us through the profile section of the SH.APP.

Members who don’t follow our standards of behaviour risk their membership being suspended or revoked.