Survived fashion week? Time for a sound bath

Fashion week burnout? | Soho House

In this 20-minute, soothing sound bath, member-founded studio, OPO, offers you a front-row seat to recalibrate and restore

Sunday 6 March 2022   By Tilly Pearman

Mastering a balance in energy amid the vibrancy and pace of fashion week is essential for self-care and resilience.

This sound bath will help you recalibrate and balance your brain state, so you can go back into your day and ignite your attention on life around you again.

After you complete this session, focus on continuing this sweet-spot state of ‘relaxed action’ through your day. 

Find your chosen place, take a seat, and journey into the power and beauty of the present moment.

As a studio with social impact, OPO integrates virtual experiences in public spaces for both local communities and businesses. To find out more, click here

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