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How garden to table dining was born at Babington House

With an emphasis on local ingredients – many sourced directly from the House’s Walled Garden

Inside The Babington Wellness Retreat

Celebrating 25 years of our countryside escape and very first Cowshed spa, guests enjoyed two days of wellness-boosting workshops and delicious food

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This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan dives in to the fast – sometimes fickle – nature of this air sign

Celebrate 25 years of Cowshed at our Houses around the world

With wellness-boosting treatments, we’ve got everything you need to experience the best of Cowshed

All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer

With an additional 11 gym classes per week – from relaxing yoga to sweaty boxing sessions – our DTLA House has everything you need for both mind and body

Charlie Dark and Sanchia Legister on creativity and community

We sat down with the power couple and lululemon ambassadors to discuss their initiatives Run Dem Crew and Yogahood LDN

Soho horoscopes: Delight in decadence this Taurus season

This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan dives into the earth sign’s sensual yet steady nature

Meet A-list-approved manifestation expert, Roxie Nafousi

The self-development coach – whose fans include Bella Hadid and Lady Gaga – sheds some light on the practice

Here’s the lowdown on The Babington Wellness Retreat

We’re celebrating Babington’s 25th birthday in style with a two-day escape to the original countryside House

Why is everyone I know finding dating impossible right now?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter addresses the question on everyone’s lips: is it really all doom and gloom on the dating scene?

Meet the new brand putting wellness at the heart of sexual intimacy

With chic products and a focus on creating a space for everyone to feel welcome, the Soho House members and founders of sitre are shaking things up

Should you ever get back with an ex?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter answers the one relationship question we’ve all asked before

How to get your circadian rhythm back on track

With the clocks changing in the UK this weekend, we asked the experts for all their tips on resetting your sleep

Soho horoscopes: Lean in to your ambitious side this Aries season

This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explores this fire sign’s brave and bold nature

How one DJ winds down at our spa in Soho House Berlin

Back in the German capital after a packed schedule, Melis took a day of much-needed relaxation at her local Cowshed

How to deal with moving in with a partner for the first time

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter delves into one of the biggest relationship milestones there is and how to navigate it

How do I cope with an ex moving on really quickly?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter gets frank about falling out of love and letting go

Why can’t I stop thinking about someone I never had a relationship with?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter talks situationship heartbreaks and why they can be just as hard as break-ups, if not worse

The Soho House guide to the art of Reiki

What it is, why you need it and – most importantly – where to enjoy it around the Houses

What can I do about unrequited love?

True romance or self-delusion? This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter has some sage advice for when the feelings only go one way

Soho horoscopes: Tap into your inner empath this Pisces season

This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan dives into the otherworldly nature of the zodiac’s most sensitive sign

Is it time to stop believing in The One?

This week, resident sexpert Olivia Petter puts one of the oldest romantic tropes of them all firmly to bed

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My friends don’t like my partner. Help

This week, our resident sexpert, Olivia Petter, addresses what you can actually do when you’re stuck between your friends and your other half

How do you know if you’re in love?

This week, our resident sexpert, Olivia Petter, answers the age-old question about realising when you’ve met ‘the one’

Spotlight on: Therabody treatments across the Houses

These treatments and products are put to work in many of our health clubs, gyms and spas

Why it’s time to listen to your gut

Linked to increased mental and physical wellbeing, caring for it is anything but a passing fad

Soho Skin facial treatments have arrived in our spas

Using our award-winning skincare range, head to a Cowshed spa and enjoy a healthy, energised complexion in as little as 30 minutes

Soho horoscopes: Prepare for the unexpected this Aquarius season

This month, astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, explores the water-carrying sign’s complex nature

How to go on your first holiday with a new partner

This week, our sex and relationships columnist, Olivia Petter, addresses the many potential pitfalls of taking a trip with your nascent significant other