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Inside Russell Tovey’s art-driven approach to interior design

The British actor and podcaster welcomes us into his east London home to talk art, design and his love of Soho Home

How two members from across the generations are finding their pride

Marco Alessi is a 29-year-old film director and screenwriter; Quinton Jenkins is a 65-year-old community activist. Here, they tell us what pride means to them

You’ll want to be a part of this Little Mermaid’s world

As the new Disney reboot hits screens at our Houses, Hanna Flint explains why Halle Bailey’s Ariel is an important step for Hollywood

‘Reality’ is a thrilling take on government whistleblowing in the US

Showing in our Houses from Saturday 3 June and starring Sydney Sweeney

Jeremy O. Harris scales the heights at Soho House New York

As one of the most important literary voices of his generation, he has the world at his feet. Paul Flynn meets the playwright and Soho House member in Manhattan

‘Master Gardener’ takes the ‘Man in a Room’ genre to new heights

Paul Schrader’s thriller is screening at the Houses now – here, Hanna Flint explains why it’s a must-see

‘Beau Is Afraid’ is an anxiety-inducing epic you need to see

Screening across our Houses this month, Ari Aster’s latest offering is a Joaquin Phoenix-led psychosexual thrill ride

‘No Passengers’ drives headfirst into alternative reality

For our final film in the series, designer Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian creates a fully electric Porsche Taycan art car inside a virtual pluralistic universe

David Gandy on fashion, entrepreneurship and doing good

Scott Wimsett sat down with model and Wellwear founder at Soho Farmhouse to reflect on his illustrious career

The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ finale does its franchise proud

Director James Gunn’s farewell to the MCU is finely tuned, says Hanna Flint

The spring edition of the Soho House print magazine is here

From a spotlight on Stockholm’s finest fashion designers to a world tour of our bedrooms – here’s a rundown of what’s inside

Enjoy a night at the Savoy Theatre with Platform Presents

Seven writers, 16 actors – just one day to rehearse. ‘Theatrical Consequences’ is set to be the comedy event of the season, and you’re invited

'How To Blow Up A Pipeline’ serves an existential sucker punch

The new adaptation of Andreas Malm’s non-fiction book on ecoterrorism is screening at the Houses from 23 April

Rachel Weisz’s ‘Dead Ringers’ is a women-led tour de force

The British superstar’s new take on David Cronenberg’s 1988 psychological thriller breathes life into the art of adaptation, says Hanna Flint

The Soho Book Club: Toya Wolfe’s spring reads

This month, Soho House Chicago member and the author of ‘Last Summer On State Street’ shares what’s on her list

Indira Varma: ‘It felt too uncool to tell Tom Cruise about my teen crush’

The Soho House member and actor on the cinematic gems that have left an indelible impression

The Soho Book Club: Afua Hirsch picks five powerful reads by women

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the journalist, filmmaker and bestselling author shares the female-penned page-turners at the top of her reading list

‘The Last Of Us’: the video game adaptation that’s worth watching

A rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

Why Barry Keoghan’s success is worth celebrating

Our columnist Hanna Flint is taking a moment to appreciate this year’s winner of the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA

What ‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’ teaches us about documentary making

Our columnist, Hanna Flint, shares the lessons we can learn about telling other people’s stories, from one of the most beautifully made animations of the year

Salman Rushdie’s ‘Victory City’ spotlights the power of free expression

Plus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

The Soho Book Club: Danielle Prescod’s reads for Black History Month

We asked the author and journalist to share what’s currently top of her list

What ‘The Whale’ teaches us about humanity and hope

Plus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

Is Hollywood turning a corner in its depiction of queer romance?

With the releases of ‘Knock At The Cabin’ and ‘The Last Of Us’, Hanna Flint believes that change is in the air

Why ‘The Fabelmans’ is so much more than a memoir

Plus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

Why this year’s Oscar noms got it wrong and right for diversity

The Academy’s picks were a delight and a disappointment, says Hanna Flint. Here’s why we should focus on the wins

‘All The Beauty And The Bloodshed’: an epic portrait of addiction

Plus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

What the return of Jennifer Coolidge says about cinema

The entertainment industry isn’t meritocratic, but with comebacks like this there’s hope that one day it could be, says Hanna Flint

Diego Calva: ‘It’s important for me to be proud of my roots’

The Golden Globe-nominated breakout star of Damien Chazelle’s ‘Babylon’ on his Hollywood rise and Soho House coming to his hometown, Mexico City

Why we should all embrace the celluloid glow of cinema season

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s January. High time, then, that you booked a trip to one of Soho House’s screenings, says Hanna Flint